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Ceramic Striped Tapered
Size: 8.5x16H

Ceramic Striped Tapered Vase Gray White Size: 8.5 x 16H Learn More

Pier1 Short GeometricVase
Size: 5.5x6H

Pier1 Short Geometric Vase White Gold Size: 5.5 x 6H Learn More

Pier1 Geometric Tall Vase
Size: 6x14H

Pier1 Geometric Tall Vase White Gold Size: 6 x 14H Learn More

Ceramic Drip W Metal Top
Size: 9x11H

Ceramic Drip Vase With Metal Top Red Brown Yellow Size: 9 x 11H Learn More

Ceramic Crackle Vase
Size: 4.5x13H

Ceramic Crackle Vase Cream Brown Size: 4.5 x 13H Learn More

2 Tone Ceramic Drip Vase
Size: 7x16H

2 Tone Ceramic Drip Vase Aqua Brown Size: 7 x 16H Learn More

Summer Sol Round Glass
Size: 8x8.5H

Summer Sol Round Glass Vase Green Blue Size: 8 x 8.5H Retails: $39.99 Learn More

Scalloped Edge Glass Vase
Size: 6x5H

Scalloped Edge Glass Vase Purple Green Size: 6 x 5H Learn More

Federal Glass Vase
Size: 3x10.5H

Federal Glass Vase Red Iridescent Size: 3 x 10.5H Learn More

Italy Glass Rounded
Size: 11x13"H

Italy Glass Rounded Vase Creme Yellow Brown Size: 11x13"H Learn More

Metal Ceramic Floor Vase
Size: 7.5x22H

Metal and Ceramic Floor Vase Gold Brown Size: 7.5 x 22H Learn More

Modern Handblown Vase
Size: 10x16.5H

Modern Handblown Vase Orange Teal Size: 10x16.5H Double Vessel Learn More