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Crate&BarrelSilver Tray
Size: 20x15

Crate & Barrel Stamped Metal ServingTray Silver Size: 20 x 15W Learn More

Mirrored Crystal And Meta
Size: 10x10"

Mirrored Crystal And Metal Vanity Tray Clear Gold Size: 10x10" Learn More

Round Copper Tone
Size: 12"d

Round Copper Tone Tray Copper Size: 12"d Learn More

Mosaic Floral Wood Tray
Size: 19x13W
$16.69 $18.00 (save 7%)

Mosaic Floral Wood Tray White Blue Orane Brown Size: 19 x 13W Learn More

Castilian Painted Leaf
Size: 24x19
$115.88 $125.00 (save 7%)

Castilian Resin Painted Leaf Tray with Bugs Silver Red Gold Green Size: 24 x 19W Learn More

Home Sweet Home Wood
Size: 16" X 13"
$12.98 $14.00 (save 7%)

Home Sweet Home Wood Tray Brown Size: 16" X 13" Learn More

Square Wood Metal Corners
Size: 11x11W
$20.39 $22.00 (save 7%)

Square Wood Tray with Metal Corners Tan Brown Size: 11 x 11W Learn More

Mid Century Modern Tray
Size: 22x11D
$26.88 $29.00 (save 7%)

Mid Century Modern Tray Silver Brown, Size: 22x11D Learn More

Large Round Wood
Size: 27dx2"h
$73.23 $79.00 (save 7%)

Large Round Wood Brown Size: 27" d x 2" h Learn More

Round Wood Mirror Bottom
Size: 17.5dx3.25
$63.96 $69.00 (save 7%)

Round Wood Mirror Bottom Tan Size: 17.5" d x 3.25" h Learn More

Capiz Square
Size: 16x16"
$25.96 $28.00 (save 7%)

Capiz Square Tray Creme Size: 16" x 16" Learn More

Pier 1 Metal Scroll Tray
Size: 17.5
$20.60 $25.00 (save 18%)

Pier 1 Metal Scroll Tray Silver, Size: 17.5 Learn More